Iron transformations induced by an acid-tolerant Desulfosporosinus species.

  title={Iron transformations induced by an acid-tolerant Desulfosporosinus species.},
  author={Doug Bertel and John Peck and Thomas J. Quick and John M. Senko},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={78 1},
The mineralogical transformations of Fe phases induced by an acid-tolerant, Fe(III)- and sulfate-reducing bacterium, Desulfosporosinus sp. strain GBSRB4.2 were evaluated under geochemical conditions associated with acid mine drainage-impacted systems (i.e., low pH and high Fe concentrations). X-ray powder diffractometry coupled with magnetic analysis by first-order reversal curve diagrams were used to evaluate mineral phases produced by GBSRB4.2 in media containing different ratios of Fe(II… CONTINUE READING
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