Iron-silicon alloy in Earth's core?

  title={Iron-silicon alloy in Earth's core?},
  author={Jung-Fu Lin and Dion L. Heinz and Andrew J. Campbell and James M. Devine and Guoyin Shen},
  volume={295 5553},
We have investigated the phase relations in the iron-rich portion of the iron-silicon (Fe-Si) alloys at high pressures and temperatures. Our study indicates that Si alloyed with Fe can stabilize the body-centered cubic (bcc) phase up to at least 84 gigapascals (compared to approximately 10 gigapascals for pure Fe) and 2400 kelvin. Earth's inner core may be composed of hexagonal close-packed (hcp) Fe with up to 4 weight percent Si, but it is also conceivable that the inner core could be a… CONTINUE READING

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