Iron in East Antarctic Snow : Implications for Atmospheric Iron Deposition and Algal Production in Antarctic Waters

  title={Iron in East Antarctic Snow : Implications for Atmospheric Iron Deposition and Algal Production in Antarctic Waters},
  author={Ross Edwards and Peter N. Sedwick},
To evaluate the deposition and solubility of aerosol iron in the Antarctic seasonal sea ice zone (SSIZ), iron was measured in snow samples collected from three areas in the SSIZ (Prydz Bay, Dumont d'Urville Sea and Ross Sea) and one continental area (Princess Elizabeth Land) of East Antarctica. Concentrations of total-dissolvable iron (that soluble at pH -2) ranged from 20-2950 pg g-l, with the lowest concentrations measured in snow from the Dumont d'Urville Sea. Using estimates of snow… CONTINUE READING
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