Iron homeostasis and toxicity in retinal degeneration.

  title={Iron homeostasis and toxicity in retinal degeneration.},
  author={Xining He and Paul Hahn and Jared Iacovelli and Robert D Wong and Chih H King and Robert B. Bhisitkul and Mina Massaro-Giordano and Joshua L. Dunaief},
  journal={Progress in retinal and eye research},
  volume={26 6},
Iron is essential for many metabolic processes but can also cause damage. As a potent generator of hydroxyl radical, the most reactive of the free radicals, iron can cause considerable oxidative stress. Since iron is absorbed through diet but not excreted except through menstruation, total body iron levels buildup with age. Macular iron levels increase with age, in both men and women. This iron has the potential to contribute to retinal degeneration. Here we present an overview of the evidence… CONTINUE READING


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