Iron deficiency in sickle cell anemia.

  title={Iron deficiency in sickle cell anemia.},
  author={Sinasi Ozsoylu},
  journal={Journal of clinical pathology},
  volume={36 9},
Thirty-seven patients with SCD were studied: 24 were diagnosed as homozygous Hb S on the basis of their haematological findings, and alpha:non-alpha globin chain ratios were found to be balanced in all. Thirteen patients were thought to have alpha or beta thalassaemia interaction with Hb S on the basis of low MCV and MCH, family history and/or presence of Hb A on electrophoresis. Six of them had abnormal alpha:non-alpha ratio (one had a ratio of 0.72 suggestive of alpha thalassaemia, and five… CONTINUE READING