Iron chelation beyond transfusion iron overload.

  title={Iron chelation beyond transfusion iron overload.},
  author={Antonello Pietrangelo},
  journal={American journal of hematology},
  volume={82 12 Suppl},
The effects of systemic iron overload in hereditary (e.g., classic HFE hemochromatosis) or acquired disorders (e.g., transfusion-dependent iron overload) are well known. Several other iron overload diseases, with an observed mild-to-moderate increase in iron in selected organs (e.g., the liver or the brain), or with "misdistribution" of iron within cells (e.g., reticuloendothelial cells) or subcellular organelles (e.g., mitochondria), have been recognized more recently. The deleterious impact… CONTINUE READING

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