Iron-biofortified rice improves the iron stores of nonanemic Filipino women.

  title={Iron-biofortified rice improves the iron stores of nonanemic Filipino women.},
  author={Jere D Haas and John L. Beard and Laura E. Murray-Kolb and Angelita M del Mundo and Angelina D R Felix and Glenn B Gregorio},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={135 12},
Iron deficiency is endemic in much of the world, and food system-based approaches to eradication may be viable with new plant breeding approaches to increase the micronutrient content in staple crops. It is thought that conventional plant breeding approaches provide varieties of rice that have 400-500% higher iron contents than varieties commonly consumed in much of Asia. The efficacy of consuming high-iron rice was tested during a 9-mo feeding trial with a double-blind dietary intervention in… CONTINUE READING

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