Iron-binding activity of human iron-sulfur cluster assembly protein hIscA1.

  title={Iron-binding activity of human iron-sulfur cluster assembly protein hIscA1.},
  author={Jian-xin Lu and J P Bitoun and Guoqiang Tan and Wu Wang and Wenguang Min and Huangen Ding},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={428 1},
A human homologue of the iron-sulfur cluster assembly protein IscA (hIscA1) has been cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli cells. The UV-visible absorption and EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) measurements reveal that hIscA1 purified from E. coli cells contains a mononuclear iron centre and that the iron binding in hIscA1 expressed in E. coli cells can be further modulated by the iron content in the cell growth medium. Additional studies show that purified hIscA1 binds iron with an iron… CONTINUE READING

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