Iron and Ferritin Modulate MHC Class I Expression and NK Cell Recognition

  title={Iron and Ferritin Modulate MHC Class I Expression and NK Cell Recognition},
  author={Rosa Sottile and Giorgia Federico and Cinzia Garofalo and Rossana Tallerico and M. C. Faniello and B. Quaresima and C. M. Cristiani and M. Di Sanzo and G. Cuda and V. Ventura and A. Wagner and Gianluca Contr{\`o} and N. Perrotti and E. Gulletta and S. Ferrone and K. K{\"a}rre and F. Costanzo and F. Carlomagno and E. Carbone},
  journal={Frontiers in Immunology},
The ability of pathogens to sequester iron from their host cells and proteins affects their virulence. Moreover, iron is required for various innate host defense mechanisms as well as for acquired immune responses. Therefore, intracellular iron concentration may influence the interplay between pathogens and immune system. Here, we investigated whether changes in iron concentrations and intracellular ferritin heavy chain (FTH) abundance may modulate the expression of Major Histocompatibility… Expand
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