Iron and ADHD: time to move beyond serum ferritin levels.

  title={Iron and ADHD: time to move beyond serum ferritin levels.},
  author={Renato Donfrancesco and Pasquale Parisi and Nicola Vanacore and Francesca Martines and Vittorio Sargentini and Samuele Cortese},
  journal={Journal of attention disorders},
  volume={17 4},
OBJECTIVE (a) To compare serum ferritin levels in a sample of stimulant-naïve children with ADHD and matched controls and (b) to assess the association of serum ferritin to ADHD symptoms severity, ADHD subtypes, and IQ. METHOD The ADHD and the control groups included 101 and 93 children, respectively. Serum ferritin levels were determined with the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method. RESULTS Serum ferritin did not significantly differ between children with ADHD and controls, as well as… CONTINUE READING

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