Iron absorption by hypotransferrinaemic mice.

  title={Iron absorption by hypotransferrinaemic mice.},
  author={Robert J. Simpson and M. Lombard and Kishor B. Raja and Rhys Thatcher and Timothy J. Peters},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={78 4},
Iron absorption rates by homozygous and wild-type mice from a hypotransferrinaemic mouse colony were examined with in vivo tied-off duodenal segments and in vitro incubated duodenal fragments. Enhanced initial rates of mucosal uptake and carcass transfer by homozygotes, compared to wild-types, were observed. The changes in vivo and in in vitro uptake kinetics resemble changes seen in iron deficient or hypoxic mice, suggesting that the liver iron loading shown by homozygotes is due to a failure… CONTINUE READING