Iron Ore Tailing: A Waste Material used in Ceramic Tile Compositions as Alternative Source of Raw Materials

  title={Iron Ore Tailing: A Waste Material used in Ceramic Tile Compositions as Alternative Source of Raw Materials},
  author={Swapan Das and Jiten Ghosh and Ashok Kumar Mandal and Nar Singh and Surajit Gupta},
  journal={Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society},
  pages={21 - 24}
In the present study, three batch compositions were prepared utilizing iron ore tailing in the range of 45-60 wt%, clay 25-35 wt% and feldspar 15-20 wt%. The compacts were heated in the temperature range of 1100o-1150oC. All the samples heated at 1150oC possess very high cold crushing strength (>150 MPa) and high flexural strength (>60 MPa) with less than 0.1% water absorption. Such high mechanical strength is beneficial for floor tiles to prevent impact damage. The phase evolution during… 

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