Iron Induced Changes in Biochemical Composition of Freshwater Fish Gonoproktopterus Kolus (SYKES)

  title={Iron Induced Changes in Biochemical Composition of Freshwater Fish Gonoproktopterus Kolus (SYKES)},
  author={D M Karanjkar and Vishwas Y. Deshpande},
Fingerlings of freshwater fish Gonoproktopterus kolus (Sykes) were exposed to Ferric Chloride (FeCl 3 ) in acute toxicity (96 hr.) experiment. The LC 0 and LC 50 concentrations were 1.370 ppm and 1.928 ppm respectively. After acute exposure, various tissues viz. gill, liver, muscle, kidney and intestine were obtained separately from control, LC 0 and LC 50 groups. These tissues were subjected for  estimations of glycogen, protein and lipid using standard methods. As compared to control group… CONTINUE READING


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