Irish Traveler Cant

  title={Irish Traveler Cant},
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Frequent mental distress (FMD) in Irish Travellers: Discrimination and bereavement negatively influence mental health in the All Ireland Traveller Health Study
This study shows that Travellers experience discrimination and bereavement, which negatively influence their mental health, which has implications for the mental healthcare needs of indigenous ethnic minorities worldwide. Expand
Setting the Scene: The History of a Community and a Language
This chapter presents the Irish Traveller community and their linguistic repertoire as the focus of the book and points out the objectives of the study. The chapter starts by providing a briefExpand
Does the developmental plasticity hypothesis have application to Irish Travellers? Findings from the all Ireland Traveller Health Study birth cohort 2008–2011
Travellers had a greater than expected incidence of low birth weight and high infant mortality with high rates of premature adult chronic diseases from all causes already demonstrated previously. Expand
Socio-demographic, environmental, lifestyle and psychosocial factors predict self rated health in Irish Travellers, a minority nomadic population.
Irish Travellers are an indigenous nomadic minority group with poor life expectancy, and as part of a census survey of Travellers, a health status interview was conducted, positive predictors of self-rated health were having a flush toilet and travelling twice yearly. Expand
"A lengthening chain in the shape of memories": The Irish and Southern Culture
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] "BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER": PERSONAL TIES TO IRELAND To explore the relationship between Ireland and southern culture is for many southerners an intensely personal journey.Expand