Irish Republicans and the Indo-German Conspiracy of World War I

  title={Irish Republicans and the Indo-German Conspiracy of World War I},
  author={Matthew Erin Plowman},
  journal={New Hibernia Review},
  pages={105 - 81}
  • M. Plowman
  • Published 5 December 2003
  • History
  • New Hibernia Review
Realpolitik is not merely the game of nations and empires, but the birth and death of nationalist organizations and revolutionary coalitions as well The Indo-German Conspiracy?also known as the German-Hindu Conspiracy?of World War I confirmed the old adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This lesson in realpolitik demonstrates that alliances made between widely diverse nationalist movements, or between nationalists and foreign imperial governments, may be exploited owing to the… 
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