Irish Property Price Estimation Using A Flexible Geo-spatial Smoothing Approach: What is the Impact of an Address?

  title={Irish Property Price Estimation Using A Flexible Geo-spatial Smoothing Approach: What is the Impact of an Address?},
  author={Aoife Hurley and James Sweeney},
  journal={The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics},
Accurate and efficient valuation of property is of utmost importance in a variety of settings, such as when securing mortgage finance to purchase a property, or where residential property taxes are set as a percentage of a property’s resale value. Internationally, resale based property taxes are most common due to ease of implementation and the difficulty of establishing site values. In an Irish context, property valuations are currently based on comparison to recently sold neighbouring… 

Reviewing the Effects of Spatial Features on Price Prediction for Real Estate Market: Istanbul Case

It is observed that spatial features, when incorporated with non-spatial features, significantly improve the prediction performance of the models for the house price ranges in Istanbul, Turkey, in the classification context.



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Hedonic regression and repeat sales are commonly used methods in real estate analysis. While the merits of combining these models when constructing house price indices are well documented, research

The Dynamics of Location in Home Price

It is well established that house prices are dynamic. It is also axiomatic that location influences such selling prices, motivating our objective of incorporating spatial information in explaining

A Comparison of Localized Regression Models in a Hedonic House Price Context

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Constructing a national house price index for Ireland

1. INTRODUCTION On May 13th, the CSO published the first set of results for Its Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) ahead of an Impending EU legislative requirement to provide RPPI data to

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Residential housing prices: impact of housing characteristics, accessibility and neighbouring apartments – a case study of Dortmund, Germany

ABSTRACT In this research we analyse the most important factors that determine housing prices. On the one hand, we test whether neighbourhoods with a good accessibility are more attractive and

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Landscaping Attributes and Property Buyers' Profiles: Their Joint Effect on House Prices

This paper investigates the effect of environmental features on house values while focusing on the interactions between landscaping attributes and home buyers' profile. The originality of this study