Irenaeus of Lyons: List of abbreviations

  title={Irenaeus of Lyons: List of abbreviations},
  author={Eric Osborn},
Eric Osborn’s book presents a major study of Irenaeus (125–200), bishop of Lyons, who attacked Gnostic theosophy with positive ideas as well as negative critiques. Irenaeus’ combination of argument and imagery, logic and aesthetic, was directed to a new document, the Christian bible. Dominated by a Socratic love of truth and a classical love of beauty he was a founder ofWestern humanism. Erasmus, who edited the first printed edition of Irenaeus, praised him for his freshness and vigour.He is… 
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New perspectives on Irenaeus Scripture as oracular standard

Irenaeus' (c.135-202) five books Adversus Haereses (Against the Heresies) give evidence of a mature and circumscribed concept of Scripture. From an analysis of relevant passages, using a philological

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This essay considers the contradicting doctrines of salvation posited by two of the early Church Fathers of the Christian faith: Augustine arguing for eternal damnation and Irenaeus arguing for

Emotions and the Divine Nature: Impassibility in the Greek Apologists and Irenaeus

The author argues that the early Greek fathers used impassibility as an apophatic qualifier tied to God's immutability, virtuousness, and status as creator and further used it to indicate that God was not overwhelmed by passions like the pagan and gnostic deities.

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Das Problem des “locus” und Gottes Einheit

In dem Aufsatz wird versucht, den undeutlichen Begriff „locus“ Irenaus von Lyon ausfuhrlich zu untersuchen. Er benutzt den Begriff in seiner Widerlegung gegen Gnosis, z.B. Valentinian, Markion, dort