Iraq's Dysfunctional Democracy

  title={Iraq's Dysfunctional Democracy},
  author={Henry Lee Munson},
  journal={Politics, Religion \& Ideology},
  pages={416 - 419}
  • H. Munson
  • Published 1 September 2012
  • Sociology
  • Politics, Religion & Ideology
nations of fascism in the 1960s typically focused, of course, on analyses of economic sociology, social structure, and political economy: it is from these sociological frameworks that the dominant focus on class structures arose. As class has lost importance as a unit of analysis, however, the sociological imperative has also acquired a somewhat reduced purchase, and it has been replaced by a diffuse brand of cultural anthropology, whose explanatory status (as mentioned) is neither fully… 
The Challenges of Rebuilding a Strong State in Libya: Confessionalism and Consociationalism
Objective: Eight years after Gaddafi's fall in 2011, Libya is still in deep internal disputes and does not have an integrated government and army to enforce national sovereignty. In addition to
It is sometimes said that biographers cannot help but come to admire, even love, their subjects. And that adage seems to ring true of Professor Amar,1 the foremost “biographer” of the Constitution.
The article examines two dimensions of political representation in Iraqi Kurdistan: representation as presence and substantive representation. It is argued that the high proportionality of the
Iraqi parliamentary institution: power sharing in Iraqi Parliament
Until now the adoption of consensual democracy otherwise known as power sharing by the Iraqis is still debatable .While many believe that consensual democracy is suitable for the Iraq system of
Bachelor Thesis
This study applies a process tracing approach in order to examine service delivery in the fragile context of Iraq since 2003, thereby taking into account the country’s institutional arrangements. For
Pathological counterinsurgency: the failure of imposing legitimacy in El Salvador, Afghanistan, and Iraq
Abstract Many voices in the US policy community have suggested that El Salvador provided a model for US counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, based on the unsound contention that
The new political settlement in Iraq : an examination of the role of Shi’a NGOs
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Political Parties and the Political System in Iraqi Kurdistan
The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has a multi-party system which has been held up as a model for democratic pluralism in the whole region. The nature of Kurdistan’s political parties is strongly related