Iran and the Asian Games: The Largest Sports Event in the Middle East

  title={Iran and the Asian Games: The Largest Sports Event in the Middle East},
  author={A. Amirtash},
  journal={Sport in Society},
  pages={449 - 467}
The purpose of this study is to investigate the different aspects of the seventh Asian Games, held in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, in September 1974. For the first time, the games were staged in a Middle Eastern country; there was a new record of 25 Asian countries attending, with a total of 3,600 athletes and officials participating; two new sports events were added and the People's Republic of China was admitted to replace Chinese Taipei. Holding the games in the western part of Asia… Expand


History of Sports in Iran (Tehran
  • Physical Education Organization,
  • 1971
An official document on sport in the Islamic Republic of Iran will be published by the Physical Education Organization in Tehran
  • 2005
Overview of Sport in Iran and Iran in the Asian Games (NOC Publications
  • 1974
An ancient Iranian school of rhythmical physical fitness that is thought to have been reformed to train underground militants for overthrowing the Arab invaders of Iran about 500 years ago
    In gymnastics: China, Japan and South Korea
    • swimming: Japan, South Korea and China. In track and field: Japan, China and Iran. In table tennis: China, Japan and South Korea. In badminton: China, Indonesia and Japan. In tennis: Japan, Iran and South Korea. In fencing: Iran, Thailand and Japan. In boxing: Japan, Iran and North Korea. In weightl
    It was the first time that Iran had ranked second
      Overview of Sport in Iran
        Personal experience of the author
          The count of medals awarded in each event was: athletics 165, basketball 72, badminton 60, boxing 44, cycling 36, fencing 72, gymnastics 72, hockey 54, shooting 165, soccer 60, swimming 180
            The number of bronze medals was more in the boxing contests