Iran: Tricontinental Nexus for Y-Chromosome Driven Migration

  title={Iran: Tricontinental Nexus for Y-Chromosome Driven Migration},
  author={M. Regueiro and A. Cadenas and T. Gayden and P. Underhill and R. Herrera},
  journal={Human Heredity},
  pages={132 - 143}
  • M. Regueiro, A. Cadenas, +2 authors R. Herrera
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Human Heredity
  • Due to its pivotal geographic position, present day Iran likely served as a gateway of reciprocal human movements. However, the extent to which the deserts within the Iranian plateau and the mountain ranges surrounding Persia inhibited gene flow via this corridor remains uncertain. In order to assess the magnitude of this region’s role as a nexus for Africa, Asia and Europe in human migrations, high-resolution Y-chromosome analyses were performed on 150 Iranian males. Haplogroup data were… CONTINUE READING
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