Ipsilateral radial shaft, head, and medial epicondyle fractures.

  title={Ipsilateral radial shaft, head, and medial epicondyle fractures.},
  author={Nickolaos A. Darlis and Elias S. Kotsovolos and Charalampos G. Zalavras and Alexander N Mavrodondidis},
  journal={Journal of orthopaedic trauma},
  volume={18 4},
A patient with a unique combination of ipsilateral midradial shaft (AO/OTA 22-A2), radial head (21-A2), and medial epicondyle (13-A1) fractures, without a recorded elbow dislocation or distal radioulnar joint disruption, is presented. The injury was treated surgically with a dorsal approach to the forearm and a lateral approach to the elbow through a single dorsolateral skin incision. The radial shaft fracture was stabilized using a 3.5-mm limited contact, dynamic compression plate; the radial… CONTINUE READING