Ipsilateral ectopic pregnancy occurring in the stump of a previous ectopic site: a case report


BACKGROUND Ectopic pregnancy continues to be a significant cause of maternal morbidity, mortality and reproductive failure in Nigeria. Ipsilateral ectopic pregnancy occurs rarely and may be difficult to diagnose in low resource settings where there are no diagnostic tools. Few cases have been reported in the literature but none in our region. CASE PRESENTATION We present an unusual case of a 22 year old female undergraduate, from the Urhobo tribe in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria who had a recurrent left ectopic pregnancy at the stump of a previous cornual resection done five years earlier. She had a left salpingo-oophorectomy done and did well postoperatively. CONCLUSION Ectopic pregnancy could pose a diagnostic dilemma where diagnostic facilities are not available. Every woman with a previous ectopic pregnancy would be at high risk for recurrence and that would be the condition to be ruled out if a pregnant woman presented at early gestation with abdominal pain.

DOI: 10.1186/1757-1626-1-343

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