Ipsilateral actions from the feline red nucleus on hindlimb motoneurones.

  title={Ipsilateral actions from the feline red nucleus on hindlimb motoneurones.},
  author={Katinka Stecina and Urszula Slawinska and Elzbieta Jankowska},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={586 24},
The main aim of the study was to investigate whether neurones in the ipsilateral red nucleus (NR) affect hindlimb motoneurones. Intracellular records from motoneurones revealed that both EPSPs and IPSPs were evoked in them via ipsilaterally located premotor interneurones by stimulation of the ipsilateral NR in deeply anaesthetized cats in which only ipsilaterally descending tract fibres were left intact. When only contralaterally descending tract fibres were left intact, EPSPs mediated by… CONTINUE READING


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