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Iot Ambulance With Automatic Traffic Light Control

  title={Iot Ambulance With Automatic Traffic Light Control},
  author={Sumathi Sivaraj and K. K. Krishna Vigneshwaran and S. Vigneshwaran and M. Vishnu Priyan},
In emergency condition, each and every second is important in saving a human’s life. The theme of this project is to use the each second efficiently to save person. Now a days many life’s are being expired before the person reaches the hospital in ambulance or life is lost to lack of basic information about the condition of the patient and the delay caused due to this. In this project we have designed a prototype which could save all the delays and save the life at the earliest. The project… 

IoT based healthcare services for monitoring post injury

A system has been proposed in this paper which will include sensors that would be entrusted the task of collecting vital data of a patient on a real time basis and present them whenever required to ensure a better insight to the condition of a patients.

Architecture of Real-Time Patient Health Monitoring Based on 5G Technologies

This document presents the thoughts on how to guarantee the safety of healthcare workers, by implementing an application based on wireless sensor networks with introducing the 5G technologies to satisfy high-speed transmission.

Smart Traffic Management for Emergency Vehicle

This project is 3-way lanes crossing of realtime scenario by using the RFID concept to provide the green signal to the particular lane and makes use of cloud services to store the data of particular lane with emergency vehicles to save the life.

Ambulance Detection using Cross Correlation Technique

  • Computer Science
  • 2019
The proposed system helps in detecting the ambulance when it reaches a signal junction, it reduces the delay time to large extent and also ensures the safe flow of traffic when the ambulance passes the junction their reducing manual escorting efforts.

Automatic Traffic Clearance for Emergency Vehicles

An Automatic Traffic Light Control System for Emergency vehicles can come in handy to aid in the swift movement of emergency vehicles through traffic at junctions to handle traffic congestion.

Automatic traffic light controller for emergency vehicle using peripheral interface controller

An Automatic Traffic Light Controller for Emergency Vehicle is designed and developed to help emergency vehicle crossing the road at traffic light junction during emergency situation.

IoT Based: Smart Traffic Light Controller

An improved smart light controller based on Internet of Things based on RFID technology that works automatically and interrupted only when an emergency vehicle sends an order to get a green path.


An application called HPVB (High Priority Vehicle Booking) through which the user can book the ambulance with one tap and track the ambulance using GPS on his device and RFID technology which would automatically control the traffic signals in the path of ambulance thus minimizing the time required to reach the destination.



Simulation of dynamic traffic control system based on wireless sensor network

An intelligent traffic signals control system based on a wireless sensor network (WSN) that uses the vehicle queue length during red cycle to perform better control in the next green cycle.

Performance Evaluation of Vehicle-Based Mobile Sensor Networks for Traffic Monitoring

Two types of traffic status-estimation algorithms, i.e., the link-based and the vehicle-based, are introduced and analyzed and the results show that estimations of the traffic status based on imperfect data are reasonably accurate.

Design and Implementation of Web-Based GPS-GPRS Vehicle Tracking System

In this paper, an integrated cost effective webbased GPS-GPRS vehicle tracking system was designed and implemented. The system enables enterprises owners to view the present and past positions

Automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system based on RFID

  • Chonghua Li
  • Computer Science
    2010 International Conference on Anti-Counterfeiting, Security and Identification
  • 2010
The structure, technical target and application of the AVI system Based on the RFID, which has a unique advantage in data collection and data transmission.


The paper gives an overview of the current state of the art in the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and discusses major classes of RFID tags and readers, commonly used frequencies and identifier systems, current and envisaged fields of application, as well as advantages, concerns and limitations of use.

GPS Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking Using RFID

  • D. Bajaj
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • 2012
If you want to know where your car or truck is, the routes and arrival time of your fleet of vehicle, if someone is abusing your vehicle or if they want to protect your vehicle from thieves, a vehicle tracking device can be of help.

Performance Evaluation of VehicleBased Mobile Sensor Networks for Traffic Monitoring ” IEEE transactions on vehicular technology

  • IEEE Symposium on Computers & Informatics
  • 2011

RFID Resolution: Your cars will be tagged

  • The Economics Times,
  • 2007

Nasser,Hosam Rowaihy “Simulation of Dynamic Traffic control system based on Wireless sensor network

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