Ions channels/transporters and chloroplast regulation.

  title={Ions channels/transporters and chloroplast regulation.},
  author={Giovanni Finazzi and Dimitris Petroutsos and Martino Tomizioli and Serena Flori and Emeline Sautron and Valeria Villanova and Norbert Rolland and Daphn{\'e} Seigneurin-Berny},
  journal={Cell calcium},
  volume={58 1},
Ions play fundamental roles in all living cells and their gradients are often essential to fuel transports, to regulate enzyme activities and to transduce energy within and between cells. Their homeostasis is therefore an essential component of the cell metabolism. Ions must be imported from the extracellular matrix to their final subcellular compartments. Among them, the chloroplast is a particularly interesting example because there, ions not only modulate enzyme activities, but also mediate… CONTINUE READING

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