Ionosphere and its influence on radio communications

  title={Ionosphere and its influence on radio communications},
  author={Raj Singh Dabas},
  • R. Dabas
  • Published 1 July 2000
  • Geology, Physics
  • Resonance
In 1882, the Scottish physicist Balfour Stewart suggested that the continuous but minor variations in Earth's magnetic field might be caused by the presence of a layer of air capable of conducting electricity in the upper atmosphere. Movement of this layer in the terrestrial field could produce electric currents by dynamo effect; these currents could, in turn, generate magnetic fields, which would be superimposed upon the normal magnetic field observed at the Earth's surface. Stewart's… 
A Statistical Comparison of Vertical Total Electron Content (TEC) from Three Ionospheric Models
Total electron content (TEC) exhibits significant variations in both space and time depending upon latitude, longitude, solar cycle, UTC, and season; these variations can have potentially negative
The ionospher ic delay err or is a majo r er ro r sour ce w hich deg rades the po sitio ning accur acy in netw ork r eal time kinematic ( RTK ) po sitio ning over a long distance. Different
Classification of Days Using Locally Generated Magnetic Indices from Magnetic Data Acquisition System (Magdas) Ground Based Observatories at Three (3) Nigerian Stations
Investigation has been done concerning the mitigation of geomagnetic storm (a type of space weather that has the potential to cause damage across the globe with a single event) using locally
Eliassen-Palm Fluxes of the Diurnal Tides from the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model-Extended (WACCM-X)
Through perturbation interactions with the zonal mean flow, the migrating diurnal tide and the diurnal eastward 3 (DE3) tide are fundamental to a holistic understanding of the atmospheric dynamics at
Proposta de um modelo regional para redução do efeito sistemático da ionosfera através do método seqüencial de ajustamento
This work consists in developing a method that makes possible to model the ionospheric delay using a second degree polynomial, based on sequential adjustment of observations, and indicates that such methodology can be an efficient alternative to minimize the ionsospheric effect in the GPS point positioning.
Professor Sisir Kumar Mitra (1890–1963)
Sisir Kumar Mitra was a close associate of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Pandit Shiv Nath Sastry, Bipin Chandra Pal and other progressive thinkers.
Modeling of local ionospheric time varying characteristics based on singular value decomposition over low-latitude GPS stations
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) model is implemented to recognize the Total Electron Content (TEC) time series of daily, temporal as well as seasonal characteristics throughout the 24th solar


Physics of Planetary Ionospheres
I Neutral Atmospheres.- I.1 Nomenclature.- I.2 Barosphere: Distribution Laws.- I.3 Thermosphere-Thermal Structure.- I.4 Exosphere-Atmospheric Escape (Evaporation).- I.5 Physical Properties of
Anlntroduction to the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere
  • (UK). Address for Correspondence R S Dobos Radio and Atmospheric Sciences Division, National Physical laboratory,
  • 1912