Ionogram height–time–intensity observations of descending sporadic E layers at mid-latitude

  title={Ionogram height–time–intensity observations of descending sporadic E layers at mid-latitude},
  author={Christos Haldoupis and Conicum Meek and Nicholas Christakis and Dora V. Pancheva and Alain Bourdillon},
A new methodology of ionosonde height–time–intensity (HTI) analysis is introduced which allows the investigation of sporadic E layer (Es) vertical motion and variability. This technique, which is useful in measuring descent rates and tidal periodicities of Es, is applied on ionogram recordings made during a summer period from solstice to equinox on the island of Milos (36.71N; 24.51E). On the average, the ionogram HTI analysis revealed a pronounced semidiurnal periodicity in layer descent and… CONTINUE READING


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