Ionized Gas and Sources of its Ionization in the Irr Galaxy IC 10

  title={Ionized Gas and Sources of its Ionization in the Irr Galaxy IC 10},
  author={Oleg V Egorov and V. P. Arkhipova and T. A. Lozinskaya and Alexei V. Moiseev},
  journal={Eas Publications Series},
We report the results of an analysis of the emission spectra of HII-regions in IC 10 ionized by star clusters and WR stars based on observations made with the 6-m telescope SAO RAS using MPFS field spectrograph and SCORPIO focal reducer operating in the slit spectrograph mode. We determine the masses and ages of ionizing star clusters in the violent star-forming region of the galaxy in terms of the new evolutionary models of emission-line spectra of HII-regions developed by Martin-Manjon et al… Expand

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Dependencies based on the data from Table 2b of the electroni c version of the paper
  • Lozinskaya T. A. et al., Astron. Lett
  • 2009