Ionization energies and structures of lithium doped silicon clusters.

  title={Ionization energies and structures of lithium doped silicon clusters.},
  author={Jorg de Haeck and Soumen Bhattacharyya and Hai Thuy Le and David Debruyne and Nguyen Minh Tam and Vu Thi Ngan and Ewald Janssens and Minh Tho Nguyen and Peter Lievens},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={14 24},
We report on a combined experimental and theoretical study of the ionization energies and structures of small lithium doped silicon clusters, SinLim with n = 5-11 and m = 3-6. Photoionization efficiency curves are measured in the 4.68-6.24 eV range and subsequently compared with calculated values of both vertical and adiabatic ionization energies for the… CONTINUE READING