Ionization and scintillation response of high-pressure xenon gas to alpha particles

  title={Ionization and scintillation response of high-pressure xenon gas to alpha particles},
  author={Next Collaboration V. 'Alvarez and F. I. G. Borges and S. C'arcel and S. Cebri'an and A. Cervera and C. A. N. Conde and Theopisti Dafni and J. D'iaz and Michael Egorov and Romain Esteve and Petr Evtoukhovitch and L. M. P. Fernandes and Paola Ferrario and Alexandre Ferreira and E. D. C. Freitas and Victor M. Gehman and Amir Gil and Aharon Goldschmidt and Heberto Gomez and Juan Jos{\'e} G{\'o}mez-Cadenas and Diego Gonzalez-Diaz and R. M. Guti'errez and J. Hauptman and J. A. Hernando Morata and Delimar Cristobal Herrera and I. Garcia Irastorza and Marco Jinete and Luis Labarga and Andrew Laing and I. Liubarsky and Jadir Ant{\^o}nio Moreira Lopes and D. Lorca and Mauricio Losada and Golan Luzon and Aleksa Mari and Jorge Martinalbo and T. Miller and A. Moiseenko and F. Monrabal and C. M. B. Monteiro and F Juan Mora and Lirane Machado Moutinho and J. Mu{\~n}oz Vidal and Hugo Natal da Luz and Gabriele Navarro and M. Nebot-Guinot and David R. Nygren and C. A. B. Oliveira and Roberto Palma and J. P'erez and J. L. P'erez Aparicio and J. Renner and Laura Ripoll and A. Rodr'iguez and Janna Rodriguez and Francyana P. Santos and J. F. dos Santos and Laura Segu{\'i} and L. Serra and Dennis Shuman and Alp{\'a}r Simon and Clement Sofka and Marc Sorel and J. F. Toledo and A. Tom'as and Julien Torrent and Z. Tsamalaidze and D. V'azquez and J.F.C.A. Veloso and R. C. Webb and John Terry White and Nadia Yahlali},
High-pressure xenon gas is an attractive detection medium for a variety of applications in fundamental and applied physics. In this paper we study the ionization and scintillation detection properties of xenon gas at 10 bar pressure. For this purpose, we use a source of alpha particles in the NEXT-DEMO time projection chamber, the large scale prototype of the NEXT-100 neutrinoless double beta decay experiment, in three different drift electric field configurations. We measure the ionization… CONTINUE READING

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