Ionic mechanisms of neuronal excitation by inhibitory GABAA receptors.

  title={Ionic mechanisms of neuronal excitation by inhibitory GABAA receptors.},
  author={Kevin J Staley and Brandi L. Soldo and William Ross Proctor},
  volume={269 5226},
Gamma-aminobutyric acid A (GABAA) receptors are the principal mediators of synaptic inhibition, and yet when intensely activated, dendritic GABAA receptors excite rather than inhibit neurons. The membrane depolarization mediated by GABAA receptors is a result of the differential, activity-dependent collapse of the opposing concentration gradients of chloride and bicarbonate, the anions that permeate the GABAA ionophore. Because this depolarization diminishes the voltage-dependent block of the N… CONTINUE READING
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