Ionic mechanisms of a two-component cholinergic inhibition in Aplysia neurones.

  title={Ionic mechanisms of a two-component cholinergic inhibition in Aplysia neurones.},
  author={J S Kehoe},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={225 1},
  • J S Kehoe
  • Published 1972 in The Journal of physiology
1. A two-component inhibition, consisting of a rapid and slow i.p.s.p., has been observed in the medial cells of the pleural ganglion of Aplysia. Each i.p.s.p. has been shown to be mediated by a distinct cholinergic receptor. The ionic mechanisms of the two components of the inhibitory response (whether elicited synaptically or by ACh injection) are analysed in this paper.2. The inversion potential (typically -60 mV) of the rapid i.p.s.p. and of the rapid response to ACh injection is… CONTINUE READING
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