Ionic Functionality and the Polyacetylene―Oxygen Charge-Transfer Complex

  title={Ionic Functionality and the Polyacetylene―Oxygen Charge-Transfer Complex},
  author={Christopher D. Weber and Stephen G. Robinson and Mark C. Lonergan},
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Semiconducting Bipolar Membranes: Photochemical Salt Pumps

Controlling ion flow with light is important to developing ion-based systems that store and convert light energy for useful purposes such as desalination or signaling. Light-driven ion release from...

Preparation of a solution‐processable, nanostructured ionic polyacetylene

Polymerization of a self-assembled 1-dodecyl-3-propargylimidazolium bromide ionic liquid (IL) yields a nanostructured ionic polyacetylene. A 1:1 aqueous mixture of the amphiphilic IL produces an

Ionic Stabilization of the Polythiophene-Oxygen Charge-Transfer Complex.

A substantial reduction in the rate of irreversible polymer photo-oxidation was observed through the ionic stabilization of the polymer-O2 charge-transfer complex (CTC) in amorphous polythiophene

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The ability of multidimensional mass spectrometry (MS) approaches, interfacing different ionization methods with tandem mass spectrometry (MS2) fragmentation and ion mobility (IM) separation, to

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The synthesis, electrochemical characterization, and self-limited electrochemical doping of a family of soluble polyacetylene ionomers are reported. The conjugated ionomers (also known as conjugated

Fourier transform infrared study of the polymer‐dopant interaction in polyacetylene

Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) measurements of AsF5 doped (CH)x with dopant concentrations which vary over three orders of magnitude have been obtained in both the mid (4000–400 cm−1) and far