Ion-selective chalcogenide electrodes for a number of cations.

  title={Ion-selective chalcogenide electrodes for a number of cations.},
  author={Haruhiko Hirata and Kimio Higashiyama},
  volume={19 4},
Ion-selective chalcogenide disc electrodes have been developed which are responsive to cations such as silver, lead, chromium(III), nickel, cobalt(II), cadmium, zinc, copper(II) and manganese(II) ions. Each was prepared by using the corresponding metal chalcogenide with silver sulphide. An electrode was assembled with both a compacted and a sintered disc. The sintered electrodes were more sensitive and stable than the compacted ones. Response to silver ion was 59.5 mV pAg , to lead, nickel… CONTINUE READING

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