Ion propulsion development activities at NASA Glenn Research Center

  title={Ion propulsion development activities at NASA Glenn Research Center},
  author={Michael Joseph Patterson and Matthew T. Domonkos and John Edwin Foster and Thomas W. Haag and Mans A. Mantenieks and Luis R. Pi{\~n}ero and Vincent K. Rawlin and Timothy R. Sarver-Verhey and George C. Soulas and James S. Sovey and Eugene Strzempkowski},
The NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) ion propulsion program addresses the need for high specific impulse ion propulsion systems and technology across a broad range of mission applications and power levels. Development areas include high-throughput NSTAR derivative engine and power processing technology, lightweight high-efficiency sub-kilowatt ion propulsion, micro-ion propulsion concepts, engine and component technologies for highpower (30 kW class) ion engines, and fundamentals. NASA GRC is… CONTINUE READING


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