Ion flow at comet Halley

  title={Ion flow at comet Halley},
  author={A. Johnstone and A. Coates and S. Kellock and B. Wilken and K. Jockers and H. Rosenbauer and W. Studemann and W. Weiss and V. Formisano and E. Amata and R. Cerulli-Irelli and M. Dobrowolny and R. Terenzi and A. Egidi and H. Borg and B. Hultquist and J. Winningham and C. Gurgiolo and D. Bryant and T. Edwards and W. Feldman and M. Thomsen and M. Wallis and L. Biermann and H. Schmidt and R. Lust and G. Haerendel and G. Paschmann},
The three-dimensional positive ion analyser aboard the Giotto spacecraft has been used to study the interaction between protons and α-particles in the solar wind and positive ions from comet Halley. Although the first impression of the overall structure is that the plasma flow evolves smoothly as the nucleus is approached, three sharp transitions of relatively small amplitude can be identified on both the inbound and outbound legs of the trajectory. The outermost one, at ∼106 km from the… Expand
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