Ion-coupling determinants of Na+-driven and H+-driven flagellar motors.

  title={Ion-coupling determinants of Na+-driven and H+-driven flagellar motors.},
  author={Yukako Asai and Toshiharu Yakushi and Ikuro Kawagishi and Michio Homma},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={327 2},
The bacterial flagellar motor is a tiny molecular machine that uses a transmembrane flux of H(+) or Na(+) ions to drive flagellar rotation. In proton-driven motors, the membrane proteins MotA and MotB interact via their transmembrane regions to form a proton channel. The sodium-driven motors that power the polar flagellum of Vibrio species contain homologs of MotA and MotB, called PomA and PomB. They require the unique proteins MotX and MotY. In this study, we investigated how ion selectivity… CONTINUE READING