Ion Diffusion and Acceleration in Plasma Turbulence

  title={Ion Diffusion and Acceleration in Plasma Turbulence},
  author={Francesco Pecora and Sergio Servidio and Antonella Greco and W. H. Matthaeus and David O. Burgess and Christopher T. Haynes and Vincenzo Carbone and Pierluigi Veltri Universita della Calabria and University of Delaware and Queen Mary London},
Particle transport, acceleration and energisation are phenomena of major importance for both space and laboratory plasmas. Despite years of study, an accurate theoretical description of these effects is still lacking. Validating models with self-consistent, kinetic simulations represents today a new challenge for the description of weakly-collisional, turbulent plasmas. We perform two-dimensional (2D) hybrid-PIC simulations of steady-state turbulence to study the processes of diffusion and… CONTINUE READING


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