Iodine. Do we need an enrichment program in Denmark?

  title={Iodine. Do we need an enrichment program in Denmark?},
  author={Lone Banke Rasmussen and G{\"o}ran Andersson and J{\'o}hanna Haraldsd{\'o}ttir and Elin Kristiansen and Kirsten Molsted and Peter Laurberg and Kim Overvad and Hans Perrild and Lars Ovesen},
  journal={International journal of food sciences and nutrition},
  volume={47 5},
A working group was established to evaluate the need for iodine enrichment in Denmark. Judged from studies of urinary iodine excretion and one dietary survey the intake of iodine in Denmark is low compared with recommended intakes. The occurrence of non-toxic goitre is relatively high; between 9 and 13% in elderly women. Furthermore, a high occurrence of toxic goitre has been seen in the western part of Denmark. On the other hand, an increased or a high intake of iodine may lead to… CONTINUE READING

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