Ioana's Superrigidity Theorem and Orbit Equivalence Relations

  title={Ioana's Superrigidity Theorem and Orbit Equivalence Relations},
  author={Samuel Coskey},
  journal={International Scholarly Research Notices},
  • Samuel Coskey
  • Published 2013
  • Mathematics
  • International Scholarly Research Notices
  • We give a survey of Adrian Ioana's cocycle superrigidity theorem for profinite actions of Property (T) groups and its applications to ergodic theory and set theory in this expository paper. In addition to a statement and proof of Ioana's theorem, this paper features the following: (i) an introduction to rigidity, including a crash course in Borel cocycles and a summary of some of the best-known superrigidity theorems; (ii) some easy applications of superrigidity, both to ergodic theory (orbit… CONTINUE READING
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