IoTSAT: A formal framework for security analysis of the internet of things (IoT)


The new attack surface being crafted by the huge influx of IoT devices is both formidable and unpredictable, as it introduces a rich set of unexplored attack techniques and unknown vulnerabilities. These new attack techniques are hard to perceive through traditional means, owing to concealed and cascaded inter-device, inter-system and device-environment dependencies. In this paper, we present IoTSAT, a formal framework for security analysis of IoT. IoTSAT formally models the generic behavior of IoT system of systems, based on device configurations, network topologies, user policies and IoT-specific attack surface. The model is then used to measure system's resilience against potential attacks and identify threat vectors and specific attack techniques, which can be used to achieve higher-level adversary's objectives. We evaluate IoTSAT over realistic IoT networks, which concludes that our approach is scalable and highly beneficial for uncovering complex attack vectors of IoT systems.

DOI: 10.1109/CNS.2016.7860484

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@article{Mohsin2016IoTSATAF, title={IoTSAT: A formal framework for security analysis of the internet of things (IoT)}, author={Mujahid Mohsin and Zahid Anwar and Ghaith Husari and Ehab Al-Shaer and Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman}, journal={2016 IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS)}, year={2016}, pages={180-188} }