IoT in the Fog: A Roadmap for Data-Centric IoT Development

  title={IoT in the Fog: A Roadmap for Data-Centric IoT Development},
  author={Sharief M. A. Oteafy and H. Hassanein},
  journal={IEEE Communications Magazine},
  • Sharief M. A. Oteafy, H. Hassanein
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Communications Magazine
  • Our interactions with the world are increasingly dependent on context-aware services, and the future of smart cities is coupled with how efficiently and reliably we can deliver these services to end users. [...] Key Result We conclude this article with prime directions for future work to realize a personalized IoT architecture, and highlight the potential gain in prioritizing five high-yield potential research issues.Expand Abstract
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