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IoT based home automation system using NodeMCU ESP8266 module

  title={IoT based home automation system using NodeMCU ESP8266 module},
  author={Suraj Tonage and Sandhya Yemul and Rajendra Jare and Veena Patki},
  journal={International Journal for Advance Research and Development},
In this project, we are going to make an IoT based home automation system using NODEMCU ESP8266 Wi-Fi module and.Using this we will be able to control home appliances through a web browser using your PC or mobile. These AC mains appliances will be connected to relays which are controlled by the NodeMCU ESP8266 and NodeMCU acts as a Web Server and we will send control commands through a Web Browser like Google Chrome etc. ESP8266 is the one of the most popular and low-cost Wi-Fi module available… 

Computerized Smart Luminous System using Passive Infrared by Motion Recognition (CSLS-WIFI)

The Comuputerized Smart Luminous System using Wi-Fi Module is designed to develop an algorithm for the power saving system and to increase the time for human at workspace to reduce wastage of conserved power caused by the users.

IoT based Electrical Power distribution through Telegram Bot and Web Cloud

The "peak to peak" method produces accurate voltage and current measurements using the ZMPT101B and ACS712 sensors and the result showed that the sensor readings are carried out alternately using a Multiplexer (Mux), to provide flexibility for another additional sensor.

Controlling Machines from Virtual Game Through Mobile App using IoT

This project builds the real-world models by importing the AutoCAD models and 3D objects and code them with operations according to the process and uses Raspberry Pi as a microprocessor for controlling the devices wirelessly.

Design and Implementation of a short message service (SMS) Based Home Automation System

The design and implementation of a short message service (SMS) Based Home Automation system that could be switched on or off from anywhere within the country and was very fast to switch on the lamp due to the strength of the Etisalat network.

Indoor Localization System Using Wi-Fi Technology

An indoor localization and object tracking system is proposed based on WiFi transmission technique by distributing different WiFi sources around the building to read the data of the tracked objects.

Development of Smart Cooking Stove: Harvesting Energy from the Heat, Gas Leakage Detection and IoT Based Notification System

The design and implementation of smart cooking stove with safety features with sensor based safety feature has been implemented which can detect the leakage of gas and notify the user through mobile message using an IoT server.

Prototype Sistem Monitoring Kebakaran Berbasis IoT Menggunakan Node MCU Dengan Penyemprot Air Otomatis

ABSTRACT Fires are very detrimental, ranging from loss of property to even loss of life. Fires can be detected when the fire has grown or smoke has billowed out of buildings. Urban areas have

Design and Implementation of a Wi-Fi- based Ceiling Fan Regulator System

The Wi-Fibased Ceiling Fan Regulator System using Arduino Nano board and an ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module to provide a flexible and convenient means of regulating the speed of a ceiling fan without resorting to the manual means of doing same.

Design an Internet of Things Simulator of Fluid Volume Monitoring System for Petrol Station Underground Tank

An internet of things simulator of fluid volume monitoring system using an ultrasonic sensor, nodeMCU, ThingSpeak, and Virtuino for buried petrol station underground tank monitoring.

Design and Implementation of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)- Based Door Lock System

The Design and Implementation of a Radio Frequency Identification -Based Door Lock System that operates perfectly as envisaged and can be adequately deployed in houses, classrooms, offices, banks, hotels etc.