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IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Information System with the integration of SCOOT Control and Secured Automotive Communication System : A brief Analysis

  title={IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Information System with the integration of SCOOT Control and Secured Automotive Communication System : A brief Analysis},
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
IoT based intelligent transportation systems are designed to support the Smart City vision, which aims at employing the advanced and powerful communication technologies for the administration of the city and the citizens. In this paper, we focus on to an IoT system that is used to build intelligent transportation system (ITS). The proposed idea is to integrate an adaptive system called as Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique (SCOOT) and Secured automotive communication. This proposed idea… 
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A Review of Research on Intersection Control Based on Connected Vehicles and Data-Driven Intelligent Approaches
This paper reviews the intersection control strategies from many perspectives, including intelligent data-driven control, conventional timing control, induction control and model-based traffic control, giving a clear view of the data- driven intelligent control theory and its application for intelligent transportation systems.


IoT for intelligent traffic system
The test results indicate that the developed IcOR friction monitoring unit is able to distinguish the different road weather categories (ice, snow, wet and dry asphalt) with sufficient accuracy.
Integration of agent-based and Cloud Computing for the smart objects-oriented IoT
This paper introduces a cloud-assisted and agent-oriented IoT architecture that will be realized through ACOSO, an agent- oriented middleware for cooperating smart objects, and BodyCloud, a sensor-cloud infrastructure for large-scale sensor-based systems.
Extending the Internet of Things to the Future Internet through IPv6 support
This work adapts, extends, and bridges using IPv6 the existing IoT building blocks such as solutions from IEEE 802.15.4, BT-LE, RFID while maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy networked embedded systems from building and industrial automation.
Intelligent Urban Traffic Management System Based on Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
  • Xi Yu, Fuquan Sun, Xu Cheng
  • Computer Science
    2012 International Conference on Computer Science and Service System
  • 2012
The paper made a deep research on the information monitoring based on internet of things, calculation and the intelligent modeling components and knowledge matching component and fundamentally realizes the intelligent monitoring and management of urban traffic.
Adding sense to the Internet of Things
The architecture introduces the use of the Smart Object framework to encapsulate radio-frequency identification, sensor technologies, embedded object logic, object ad-hoc networking, and Internet-based information infrastructure and outperforms existing industry standards in metrics such as network throughput, delivery ratio, or routing distance.
Research and Application on Intelligent Parking Solution Based on Internet of Things
  • Yanlin Yin, D.L. Jiang
  • Computer Science
    2013 5th International Conference on Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics
  • 2013
This paper has researched on intelligent parking lot Based on Internet of Things, and provided reliable solutions. In addition, we proposed a number of novel ideas of how to resolve problems like
Ad hoc distributed simulation for transportation system monitoring and near-term prediction
Mobile Agents for Integration of Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks
This work introduces adaptable composition for the mobile agent, complying with the Representational State Transfer principles, which is then used for agent migration, controlling the agent and exposing the data, system resources, tasks and services, to the Web.
Mobile agents for the Internet of Things
This paper proposes mobile agents that are based on web technologies in the context of IoT, that can move between different devices, and if necessary it is also possible to clone agents to create numerous instances.
Internet of things: Vision, applications and research challenges