Involvement of the molecular chaperone Hspa5 in copper homeostasis in astrocytes.

  title={Involvement of the molecular chaperone Hspa5 in copper homeostasis in astrocytes.},
  author={Yongchang Qian and Ying Zheng and Robert W Taylor and Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni},
  journal={Brain research},
Copper (Cu) ion availability in tissues and cells must be closely regulated within safe limits by Cu transporters and chaperones. Astrocytes play key roles in metal homeostasis and distribution in the brain that are only partially understood. The purpose of this study was to define the role that the protein chaperone Hspa5, also known as Grp78, plays in Cu homeostasis in astrocytes. First passage cultures of primary astrocytes from neonatal rats and cultures of the C6 rat glioma cells were used… CONTINUE READING

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