Involvement of reactive oxygen species in Microcystin-LR-induced cytogenotoxicity.

  title={Involvement of reactive oxygen species in Microcystin-LR-induced cytogenotoxicity.},
  author={Qingqing Nong and Masaharu Komatsu and Kimiko Izumo and Hiroko P. Indo and Baohui Xu and Kohji Aoyama and Hideyuki J. Majima and Masahisa Horiuchi and Kanehisa Morimoto and Toru Takeuchi},
  journal={Free radical research},
  volume={41 12},
Microcystin-LR (MCLR) is a potent hepatotoxin. Oxidative stress is thought to be implicated in the cytotoxicity of MCLR, but the mechanisms by which MCLR produces reactive oxygen species (ROS) are still unclear. This study investigated the role and possible sources of ROS generation in MCLR-induced cytogenotoxicity in HepG2, a human hepatoma cell line. MCLR increased DNA strand breaks, 8-hydroxydeoxiguanosine formation, lipid peroxidation, as well as LDH release, all of which were inhibited by… CONTINUE READING
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