Involvement of prostaglandin A1 in interrupting early pregnancy in Syrian golden hamsters.


The effects of a single administration of authentic prostaglandin A1 intravaginally in early pregnant hamsters were investigated. A single dose of 1 mcg/animal given on day 4 of pregnancy inhibited the appearance of embryonic swellings when observed on day 8 of pregnancy. A significant fall (p less than 0.01) in FSH with a rise (p less than 0.03) in prolactin concentration in the serum and no change in LH levels were observed. The pituitary content of prolactin showed a significant decrease (p less than 0.0006) with no change in FSH and LH contents. Progesterone concentration in the serum was markedly reduced (p less than 0.002), along with that of the ovaries (p less than 0.01). The decline in progesterone concentration coincided with the absence of corpora lutea and the embryos. However, no change in ovarian weights was observed. These results indicate the contragestive potential of prostaglandin A1. It appears to act as a luteolytic agent by disrupting the luteotropic complex (FSH:prolactin ratio).

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