Involvement of micro-calpain (CAPN 1) in muscle cell differentiation.

  title={Involvement of micro-calpain (CAPN 1) in muscle cell differentiation.},
  author={Catherine Moyen and S{\'e}bastien Goudenege and Sylvie Poussard and Abdessattar Hadj Sassi and Jean-Jacques Brustis and Patrick Cottin},
  journal={The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology},
  volume={36 4},
Several studies have already demonstrated that micro- and milli-calpains (CAPN 1-CAPN 2), calcium-dependent intracellular cysteine-proteases are involved in many biological phenomenon including muscle growth and development. More particularly, recent studies have demonstrated that milli-calpain is implicated in myoblast fusion. Moreover, in primary muscle cells, these proteases do not appear simultaneously throughout muscle cell differentiation. Because micro- and milli-calpains do not have the… CONTINUE READING


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