Involvement of human intracisternal A-type retroviral particles in autoimmunity.

  title={Involvement of human intracisternal A-type retroviral particles in autoimmunity.},
  author={David M. Sander and S{\'a}ra Szab{\'o} and William R. Gallaher and Jane E. Deas and James J. Thompson and Yan Cao and Hong Luo-Zhang and Leonita G. Liu and In{\'e}s Colmegna and Jeffery W Koehler and Luis Rolan Espinoza and Steve S. PH. Alexander and Darren J Hart and Daniel M Tom and Cesar D. Fermin and Jonathan J Jaspan and Peter C. Kulakosky and Scott A. Tenenbaum and Russell Wilson and Robert F Garry},
  journal={Microscopy research and technique},
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Prior studies have linked retroviruses to various arthropathies and autoimmune diseases. Sjögren's syndrome (SS), a systemic autoimmune disease, is characterized by aggressive infiltration of lymphocytes into the salivary and lacrimal glands, resulting in destruction of the glands and dry mouth and eyes (sicca syndrome). The infiltrating lymphocytes in SS may become overtly malignant, and thus, the incidence of lymphoma is greatly increased in SS patients. A human intracisternal A-type… CONTINUE READING