Involvement of gap junctional communication in secretion.

  title={Involvement of gap junctional communication in secretion.},
  author={Laetitia Michon and Rachel Nlend Nlend and Sabine Bavamian and Lorraine Bischoff and Nathalie Boucard and Doroth{\'e}e Caille and Jos{\'e} M. Cancela and Anne Charollais and Eric Charpantier and Philippe Klee and Manon Peyrou and C{\'e}line Populaire and Laurence Zulianello and Paolo Meda},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1719 1-2},
Glands were the first type of tissues in which the permissive role of gap junctions in the cell-to-cell transfer of membrane-impermeant molecules was shown. During the 40 years that have followed this seminal finding, gap junctions have been documented in all types of multicellular secretory systems, whether of the exocrine, endocrine or pheromonal nature. Also, compelling evidence now indicates that gap junction-mediated coupling, and/or the connexin proteins per se, play significant… CONTINUE READING

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